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About us

Are you looking for a reliable, professional partner, with over twenty years experience, capable of relieving you from technical administrative duties?

Would you like to collaborate with a provider that takes care of your company and products: from consultancy to paperwork, as well as everything revolving around regulations and regulatory affairs in the pharma industry?

What about being free of focusing exclusively on your core-business, relying upon a professional team that deals with your registrations, variations, renewals, updating and editing of official Texts, on-line practices, communications with authorities and much more?

The O.P. Pharma team is here for you!

Our team includes ten highly qualified professional profiles who are fond of working, provide prompt solutions and are ready to collaborate with you. If you rely on OP Pharma team, you can carry on your job with neither worries nor constraints and without the rush of deadlines, focusing on creativity and company goals.

You can rely upon our services and feel safer.

We also propose ourselves as consultants to help you with the most difficult issues and we are ready to accompany you along all those paths that often appear insurmountable.

With 400 products managed, 30 annual registrations, 2 dedicated web platforms, 500 annual variations successfully concluded, 20,000 updated texts, we are not simple suppliers, but real partners, always by your side.

Let yourself be guided!